What is globemy

It’ a social network for sharing information about places in the world.
How to share?
Describing a place and photographing a place.
Who is it for ?
Anyone who wants to share with others the dwelling place or a place you know well or who has visited during a trip.
For anyone looking for information on a site.
Why ?
We often have to find a place, a tourist resort, a hotel, a natural attraction, a site of historical interest and often do not find what we seek or the information is not adequate.
Because nobody can describe a place better than those who live there.
Why do some places they would never documented except by those who travel.
How It Works?
Sign up and you can document a site, look for a place to comment on the locations of your friends, ask other users, search for friends.
Registered users can request specific information to other users. The information will be shared to power the portal.
The GlobeMyPage
Registered users have a personal page, using customizable widgets that contain the sites, photos, research, contacts, travel ..