GlobeMy is an independent project designed, developed and produced by Davide Fain.
His first stirrings as a programmer back in 1981 with the legendary Apple ][, Integer BASIC and BASIC Applesoft (PEEK and POKE you remember?) At that time was still 15 years.
In 1984, puts his hands for the first time on an IBM S/32 and programming with the RPG.
In the following years he learns to live with S/34 - S/36 and AS/400 (I missed the S/38)
In 1991 he started his adventure with the Visual Basic and VB.NET then.
In 1997, combining his two great passions develops computer and reptiles serpenti.it website thus giving rise to the largest comunity of herpetologists in Italy.
Software systems since 1987, working to develop solutions for business management.

A great lover of nature, animals and photography, lives in Belluno (Italy), where the air is still good and helps them think better !